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Lost in the shiny world of blades on Facebook and Instagram? This Razar knives review will help you reveal the truth about those knives if they are original,  just a scam, or even worthy of your money. I also offer you better alternatives for Razar knives, to put into consideration.

After hours of thorough research, checking every relevant site; Reddit, Facebook, Scamadviser, and Trust Pilot, I came out with this review.

So, Here we go!

In a hurry? Razar knives participate in several dubious marketing techniques. These knives were made in China. Here are some legitimate options.

Japanese pick
Iseya I-series 33 Layer VG-10 Damascus Hammered Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm

Iseya I-series 33 Layer

Knife set pick
TUO Kitchen Knife Set - 12 Pcs Knife Set with Wooden Block - Premium Forged German Stainless Steel, Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle - BLACK HAWK SERIES with Gift Box

TUO Kitchen Knife Set

Chef knife pick
Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife

Mac Knife Professional

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What are Razar knives? (According to Razar knives company)

According to its founders, Razar knives company, located in England and USA, was established in an attempt to provide high-quality, yet affordable, hand-forged kitchen cutlery that is accessible to the whole world. 

As stated by the manufacturers, the feature that makes Razar knife sets stand out among other classic knives is that their blades are handcrafted by professional blacksmiths, using traditional equipment. Traditional craftsmanship is supposed to guarantee maximum levels of accuracy and quality. 

Their knife sets are said to be made of premium materials and undergo several inspections to ensure high quality. Razar kitchen knives are available in ten different series. They can fit multiple cutting purposes, and different categories of users; either a professional chef or a regular home cook

The ten sets are namely: Azure, Gladiator, Hayami, shadow, Phantom,  Wasabi, Platinum ice, Migoto, Titan, Samitto, and Kessaku series.

Razar knife set review: What’s included in the Razar knives Azure series set?

Among all other Razar knife series, the owners refer toAzureas their bestselling one. This may be attributed to the various options of kitchen and chef knives, included in this series, Azure. 

As mentioned on the official website of the company, the Razar Azure series of kitchen knives is a Damascus knife set. It is composed of a handle made of colored epoxy resin and wooden burls, covering a full tang metal body for more stability and control. Attached to the handle is a Damascus  VG10 Blade composed of 67 fused layers, with a razor-sharp edge;  6-9 N, V taper grind. 

This series contains four main kitchen knife sets: Chefs Bundle, Chefs Bundle (Anniversary Edition), Black Carbon, and Steak Knives. Each one of these sets is available in two or three additional versions: Deluxe Bundle, Chefs Bundle, and Chefs Starter Bundle, which makes it an all-purpose knife set.

In a Chef’s Bundle, a distinguishing feature is the knife’s comfortable handle,  which is made of blue epoxy combined with wood burls; attached to the VG10 Damascus blade. It is available in three different sets: Deluxe Bundle, Chefs Bundle, Chefs Starter Bundle; each with a  wide variety of kitchen knives that go with everyone’s own personal preference.

The second  Chef’s Bundle ( Anniversary Edition) was released as a 2021 anniversary edition; only 200 sets of this knife collection were made. It is characterized by wood handles impregnated with red epoxy resin. There are three available sets of this collection: Deluxe Bundle, Chef’s Bundle, and Chef’s Starter Bundle

The Black carbon set was exclusively released by Razar knives company as a black Friday celebration; only 200 knife sets of this collection were produced. The Handle is made of black epoxy and wood burls. This set includes only the deluxe bundle with a variety of 8 different knives.  

The steak knife collection represents a special dedication to steak-lovers, so a special knife set for steak is included in the Azure series. It is a set of four knives, with handles made of a combination of blue epoxy and wooden burls.

Deluxe bundle; includes:

  • 9.5″ Chef’s knife: a 221 g weight, multipurpose knife with a curved blade towards the tip, suitable for different kitchen uses such as mincing, slicing, chopping of meat and vegetables, and disjointing large cuts. 
  • 8″ Bread knife;  a 174 g weight serrated knife for cutting through thick bread loaves.
  • 7.5″ Nakiri knife: a 237 g weight, japanese knife, whose entire blade is straight; suitable  for push and pull cutting mode.
  • 7″ Santoku:a 191 g weight Japanese-style-knife, which is a straight-edged knife  for slicing and  dicing.
  • 7.5″ Meat cleaver : 280 g heavy knife  for cutting through bones, meat, and thick vegetables.
  • 6″ Boning knife: 85 g weight knife with a sharper edge and tip for cutting through ligaments and connective tissues, to remove raw meat from the bone.
  • 5″ Utility knife: 84 g weight knife  for chopping small food items and vegetables.
  • 3.5″paring Knife: 73 g weight knife used mainly for cutting, chopping, and slicing fruits and vegetables.

Chefs bundle :

  • 9.5 inch Chef knife
  • 8 inch Bread knife
  • 7 inch Santoku
  • 7.5 inch Meat cleaver
  • 6 inch Boning knife
  • 5 inch Utility knife 
Azure Series Chefs Bundle
Azure Series Chefs Bundle

 Chefs starter bundle:

  • 9.5″ Chef knife
  • 8″ Bread knife
  • 6″ Boning knife
  • 5″ Utility knife 

Besides Azure, the Razar Wasabi series is another famous Damascus knife set produced by Razar knives. 

The Razar Wasabi knife is distinguished by its “Abalone comfortable handle”, with an ergonomic bolster connecting the handle and the blade, as described by the manufacturer. This design is said to offer a stable, more comfortable grip. 

Like in the Azure series, the owners state that the knife’s handle encloses a full tang; to ensure good stability and control.

Regarding the most important part; the blade is also made of 67 layers of  Stainless Damascus VG10 steel to achieve stability and strength. 

There are three different bundles of the Wasabi series; Chef’s Deluxe Bundle, Honing Rod, and Wasabi series x (Chef’s Starter Pack). The honing rod is an exclusive component of this series. It is used for realigning the blade, for a sharper edge.

Razar knives reviews (Business transparency)

Though online shopping sites display plenty of legitimate products, many scammers sneak their way into the market. Those scammers set up fake online stores that look just like authentic ones. 

Recently, social media platforms, for example, Instagram, have been hosting a lot of fake advertisements. 

Fake Japanese knives are among the common scam products; they are originally manufactured in China, then sold on Aliexpress at very low costs. Scammers dropship those scam Japanese kitchen knives and sell them as original ones carrying their brand names. 

Marketing claims Investigation

Surprisingly enough, a similar set of knives with the same shape and color, exist under the brand name “Shinkuju”, a company that also claims to sell original Japanese knives. This contradicts the company’s claims about having its own knife product line.

While Razar manufacturers boast about their quality knives being hand-forged, professional chef’s knives, with sharp blades made of VG10 Damascus steel, there were plenty of complaints about chipped blades and broken handles after just a couple of uses. Furthermore, some customers stated that the blade had a laser-etched pattern resembling a Damascus steel blade, but not an original one. 

The Phantom series of Razar knives are said to be made of 7CR17 high carbon steel, which is in fact, Chinese and not Japanese steel, something that sounds alarming. 

Some customers criticized the dullness of the cutting edge, a matter that sabotages the company’s claims about the “Ruthless” sharpness of their knives.

Where are Razar knives made?

Razar knives are made in China, based on numerous customers’ testimonies, while the company itself is registered in Toronto, Canada, as found through DNS lookup. 


Admins of Razar’s Facebook page are located in the UK, USA, Russia, Phillippines, and Canada as detected through Facebook page transparency.

Are Razar knives made in china?

Yes, Razar knives are made in China, according to our own investigation some reviewers on Reddit, Trustpilot, and scam adviser.

Razar Kitchen Knives Price

A strikingly suspicious issue is that the same knives, particularly the Phantom, blue-handle series of Razar knives, are sold on “Aliexpress”  at better price offers. They are also sold on another website under the brand name “Zeekka”. Zeekka knives are sold at a much lower price and are made in China

This arouses our suspects that Razar might just be a “dropshipping” company selling Chinese-manufactured knives, and doesn’t have its own line of production.

Phantom series chefs bundle 9 piece set

Razar knives customer reviews on razarknives.com website

It’s important not to ignore that almost all the customer reviews on the Razar knives’ website are positive, five-star reviews, which intrigues the company’s credibility.

Contact numbers

The contact numbers of the company seem to be virtual as many customers reported that the given tracking numbers did not work most of the time.

Third-Party Razarknives review

To be fair, I’ve found several reviews about Razar knives products and customer services on some popular, trustworthy review sites like Trustpilot, and Scamadviser. 

Interestingly, Trustpilot included a lot of satisfied customers’ reviews in addition to the disappointed ones. However, some customers accused the company of faking the good reviews, which all seemed to have a common theme.


Upon checking Scamadviser, you are going to find that Razarknives.com has an “average to good “ trust score which means that this website is legit and safe to use, not a scam. On the other hand, the site stated some negative highlights about the Razar website’s honesty.

Razar knife set customer reviews

As I’ve shown before, there are many Razar knives reviews on several websites. While some users warned about purchasing the knives, others recommended buying them. 

A very common complaint is the delayed shipping time. Sometimes the orders are mixed-up, or even undelivered. Many reviewers struggle with tracking their orders, in addition to poor communication and customer service. 

Getting a deserved refund or replacement also seemed to be difficult for a number of customers, while others received either replacements,  their money back, or both. 

To my disappointment, Shipping time is not the only problem reported in the reviews. As I’ve mentioned before, there were also some quality issues such as dull or chipped cutting edges, as well as damaged or unstable handles, either on delivery or after a couple of uses.  

According to some reviewers, there is a great chance that Razar could be just a dropshipper selling fake Japanese knives.

 Razar knives Alternatives

Definitely among the supreme Japanese knife brands, and essential addition to your collection of kitchen cutlery. It suits multiple cutting purposes.

33 layers of Damascus steel, with a VG10 steel core. This composition along with an HRC rating of 60 makes it the brutally sharp and durable knife of choice. A tsuchime pattern is exquisitely drawn on the sides of the blade to allow a smooth release of food off the blade. 

For a comfortable, stable grip, the knife is supported with an ergonomic, D-shaped Japanese handle.

Worry no more about the knife is fake, as it is made by Seto cutlery, located in Seki, Japan. This company was known for manufacturing blades since 1908.

This is for sure another reputable choice of knife sets with premium quality. The knives are supplied with an extremely sharp blade forged from German stainless steel. The blade is nicely smooth for easy slicing and cutting of food. 

A safe and comfortable grip of the knife is provided through the TUO knife’s pakkawood ergonomic handle, with rivets offering more stability during use. 

This series of knives is quite convenient for slicing, cutting and dicing all kinds of food, from stubborn meat to smooth fruits and vegetables. 

This set of chef’s knives is one of the trustworthy kitchen partners that help you with challenging kitchen tasks The blade is an artwork combination of curved german knives and Japanese straight ones. 

Mac Mighty is a sharp knife, made of high carbon stainless steel. Whether it be rocking or a push and pull cutting style, Mac Mighty can handle both.

With an HRC rating of 59-61, an amazing degree of sharpness could be guaranteed. A nice feature of the blade is its dimples, which allow food to detach smoothly, along with a handle of a perfect grip.

For longer durability, the knife should be handled with special care, and stored in a knife block so that the steel won’t go rusty.

 Verdict: Are Razar knives good?

Throughout this Razar knives review, I tried my best to guide you into the right decision, yet, you can see that the gathered information is pretty controversial. 

Although Razar knives company might be legitimate, not a scam, there is still a considerable risk that you might be scammed. So, take care! If you are still interested in Razar knives, you’d better do a further search and check the reviews.

For a safer choice, you can go for one of the mentioned alternatives, either the splendid  Japanese Iserya series or the amazing Mac Mighty chef’s knives.

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