Huusk knives review

This is our Huusk Knife review. 

Since you found your way to my article this means you are thinking of buying a Huusk hand-made knife. 

You must be wondering about the honesty behind their marketing, the quality of their knives, and if they really are Japanese knives. 

Well, after 18+ hours of research through subreddits, YouTube, Trustpilot, Scamadviser, Facebook, and Instagram. I am sure I can answer your questions.

Let’s go ahead and know all the answers.

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In a hurry? Huusk Viking knives are not real Japanese knives. They are Chinese-manufactured knives. Here are our legitimate alternatives.

Japanese pick
Iseya I-series 33 Layer VG-10 Damascus Hammered Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm

Iseya I-series 33 Layer

Knife set pick
Wusthof Classic IKON Seven Walnut Block 7-Piece German Precision Forged High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set, Stainless

Wusthof Classic IKON

Chef knife pick
Mac Knife Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife

Mac Knife Professional

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What are Huusk Knives? (According to the Manufacturer)

Huusk kitchen knives, misspelled as “husk”, claim that they are uniquely designed, and influenced by Samurai Katanas. The so-called “Huusk hand-made knife” shows itself as a Japanese-designed brand that is convenient and cheap. 

Huusk Japanese knives are said to be made of traditional Japanese stainless steel, the same that was used for Samurai swords for centuries. They claim the knives are made to be even sharper than any other knife for precise cutting and easier use. You must have heard about one of their promotional messages that the Huusk knife is banned for being too sharp.

Adding to that, Huusk knives claim that they are handmade using ancient Japanese bladesmith forging methods. They use the design of a Japanese knife and add to it modern technology to make the sharpest knife.

The so-called “Huusk handmade knife” claims that they are making sharp knives with an ergonomic design. They say that their knives have a perfect grip and are comfortable for all chefs/cooks.

According to the manufacturer, the knife is hand-made by traditional Japanese expert bladesmiths to ensure quality. Such bladesmiths, with their extreme craftsmanship, used to make Katanas for Japanese Samurais centuries ago. It’s said that they followed master blacksmith Sato Munemoto’s design

Huusk Japan knives claim to keep in mind the comfort of both professional chefs and home cooks. That is why they made a laser-carved hole for better control.

Knives are supposedly made with care for both professional and home use. They advertise having sharp edges that will slice through the toughest ingredients. From cooking meat to vegetables, Huusk knives claim that they are the perfect knife for you.

They also claim that the so-called ” Huusk premium control knife” has a beautiful premium Oak handle for extra comfort and a perfect grip. 

Huusk Japan commercial

Huusk Knives Specifications

  • Weight: 252 grams/ 0.5 pound.
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel (18/10 electroplated)
  • The angle of the curve: 38-degrees
  • Handle material: Oakwood/ carbon onyx.
  • Length (blade and handle): 28 cm/ 11 inches.
  • Width (blade and handle): 5 cm/ 2 inches.
  • Blade length: 15.5 cm/ 6 inches

Huusk Knives review (Business transparency)

More often than not you will find brands claiming to be Japanese or Japanese-inspired while having nothing in common with Japanese knives. These brands are making false claims just to trick buyers into buying their products.

While the knives themselves may be good enough, the problem is false marketing. Claiming to be a Japanese knife while being made in China. Dropshipping products from Aliexpress claiming them as your own. 

In this Huusk knife review, we will look at the claims of Huusk knives and know if they are indeed Japanese knives as they claim to be.

Marketing claims Investigation

Huusk Japanese kitchen knives claim to be making their knives using “Traditional Japanese stainless steel that was used to make Samurai Katanas”. In reality, Katanas were never made using stainless steel. They were made using high-carbon steel called Tamahagane.

Also, Huusk knives never mention the type of “Japanese steel” they use. Is it VG10? Is it AUS 8? The lack of transparency about the materials used and how they are made is suspicious.

Not to mention that they claim that a professional chef used the knife and loved it. Yet they forgot to tell you that these cooks recommend the knife while stating it should only be for personal use in their terms.

As you can see above, supposedly a head chef reviewed the knife but as I will show you now they state that it should be for personal use only.

So, if they are not supposed to be used by professionals, why put them in the front of your site?

Lastly, the “high-quality oakwood handle” isn’t commonly used in Japan. Oak trees are most commonly found in North America. So if Huusk kitchen knives are using oak wood handles, where are they made? Are the blades made in Japan then the handle is added somewhere else? Or are Huusk knives made in another country?

Where are Huusk Knives located?

Huusk knives are a Lithuanian company and they even state that on their new site

Huusk Japanese Kitch knives location

Are Huusk Knives made in Japan?

Huusk knives are not made in Japan. In fact, they have their warehouses in China while the company is based in Lithuania. 

Huusk Knives Price

The so-called “Huusk hand-made knife” is claimed to be an affordable knife presented at a surprise price. But when you search for the knife on Aliexpress you can find it at an even lower price. 

As you can see there are many sellers for the same knife with its marketed special laser-carved index finger hole. It looks like Huusk was dropshipping the knives as their own.

The only difference between the knives in Aliexpress and Huusk knives is the brand printed on the blade.

Customer reviews on the Huusk Knives website

Before going into the reviews on Huusk knife’s site it is important to note that there is a high probability that they are fake. This is backed by a term they have in their own terms and conditions.

Huusk Japan privacy policy

If you have to hide the identities of your reviewers, I have doubts about the realness of those reviews.

Also let’s not forget that all the reviews are positive, five-star reviews across the board. Talking realistically that isn’t possible because there must be some people unsatisfied and you can’t help everyone.

Not to mention that all the reviews are screenshots with no link to trace them back to. You can’t find any review page on the site. So where did they get those reviews from?

Contact numbers

As we have already established, Huusk kitchen knives are produced by a Lithuanian company with warehouses and allegations of presence in China. However, you will find that their contact number is present in the USA.

This indicates that they are using a virtual number instead of a real tangible line that is theirs.

Third-Party Huusk Knives review

When I searched for a third-party product review of the Huusk knife (Also known as “Huusk Viking Knives Hand Forged Boning Knife Full Tang Japanese Chef Knife” on Amazon), I found out what can only be described as expected. 

On Scam Adviser I found out that Huusk knives have a very low trust score and they were also reported as a scam at one point. on Scamadviser

The site is new with heavy traffic because of the heavy ads they run to drive in customers to trick them then close the site and start a new one. As they have already done more than once. (look up,,

Real Huusk Knife customer reviews

The customer reviews revolve around one important aspect: They tried to buy a knife and either straight up received none or received a knife that has nothing to do with the advertisement.

As seen by the two comments above describing the poor customer service of Huusk handmade knives. They didn’t help the customers in any way, in fact, they ignored them.

Here on the other hand shows the fallacy of Huusk’s claims. They advertised having safe knives that allow for effortless cutting with their sharp edges. While in fact, Huusk’s Japan had a dull knife and needed a force that might lead to injuries.

N.b. If you’re interested in the comparison of Huusk vs Haarko, check our Haarko knives review.

Huusk Knives Legit Alternatives

Let’s start with our Japanese knife of choice. The beautiful and magnificent Iseya-I-Gyuto knife. This Japanese showstopper has 33 layers of Damascus steel that adds real beauty to your kitchen.

With a core of VG-10 steel, you are guaranteed that having dull edges won’t be a problem of yours anytime soon. This knife has an HRC rating of 60 with a magnificent factory edge allowing you to use it straight away out of the box. 

With the razor-sharp blade and Tsuchime patterns, you don’t have to worry about the food sticking on the sides of it. This blade allows you to cut through almost anything from meat to vegetables without any fatigue. 

It also has a D-shaped traditional Japanese wooden handle that adds even more excellence to this beautiful knife.

I ask you not to worry because this time I am suggesting an authentic Japanese knife, not a knockoff. To put your mind at ease, the Iseya series is made by Seto Cutlery who is situated in Seki City Japan. This city has been known for its blade-making for centuries.

Also, Seto cutlery was established in 1908 to make knives and blades for your convenience, so worry not.

Looking for a knife set that has all your essential cutlery? The Wusthof 7-piece set is the one for you.

I hear you are looking for a set that sets you up for an easy start in your kitchen. Let me demonstrate what Wusthof has to offer:

  • 3 1/2″ Paring Knife
  •  6″ Utility Knife
  •  8″ Bread Knife
  •  8″ Chef Knife
  •  9″ Steel
  •  Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
  •  15-Slot Walnut Block

This high-quality knife set is made with extreme care. Catering to the needs of a chef without adding useless items. It even has a 15- slot block for you to expand your collection more when you can/want.

Wusthof used high carbon steel to make those durable knives. With an HRC rating of 58, the blade is sharp right out of the box and eager to be used.

The handle is made of triple-riveted polypropylene and has an ergonomic design that puts the user’s comfort first. The knife is made with a full tang to add extra balance to the handle.

Looking for the chef knife that will be your go-to knife in the kitchen? I suggest you go for the Mac Mighty MTH-80.

A blend between the German knife’s curved blade and the Gyuto knife’s straight blade allows for almost all cutting motions to be utilized. Are you looking to cut using the rocking motion? Or were you hoping to push and pull? Well, the Mac Mighty is suitable for both.

With an HRC rating between 59-61, you will have one of the sharpest knives at your disposal. Not to forget the dimples on the blade which allow for cutting through food without the burden of them sticking.

With a magnificent finish, the Mac Mighty is a pleasant addition to your kitchen.

Let’s not forget the comfortable grip, this knife’s handle allows even the slightly larger-handed individuals to be comfortable while using it.

Because of the high carbon steel used in making the Mac Mighty’s blade, it is important to take extra care of the knife. That is if you want to keep your knife rust-free and stay with you for a long time.

Huusk Kitchen Knives FAQs

Are Huusk Knives made in China?

Yes, Huusk knives are made in China. After research, I found out that Huusk Japan is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. 

I also found out that the knives were made in a factory in Central China with their warehouses situated there. Even when you receive the package you will see it says “Made in China.”

Are Huusk knives forged?

Huusk knives are not hand-forged. They advertise that the knives are made of 18/10 electroplated steel and a handle made of ancient oak wood or carbon onyx material. While in reality, they are mass made in China in a factory. 

Can Huusk knives be sharpened?

If you want to maintain the sharpness of your Huusk knife, it must be sharpened regularly. This is to keep your huusk knife’s ability to cut. 

You may use a traditional whetstone as your safest option. It is possible to use the pull-through sharpening tools but they normally aren’t the best option. To keep your Huusk knife sharp and safe you need to keep them in a block.

How much does a Huusk knife cost?

Huusk knives cost around 35 dollars each. Huusk Japanese knives claim that their knives go through a rigorous process of 138 steps overmagnificentTheytwo months. Each knife is made to the high standards of master craftsmen. 

Does the Huusk knife stay sharp?

Huusk knives claim to offer a sharp cutting experience, but the reality seems to differ. Despite their marketing efforts suggesting high-quality sharpness, customer reviews and research indicate otherwise. In fact, to maintain their cutting efficiency, regular sharpening is advised, preferably using a traditional whetstone. However, the general consensus suggests that Huusk knives may not consistently deliver on their promise of long-lasting sharpness as advertised.

Verdict: Is the Huusk knife any good?

In this Huusk knives review, we found out the fallacies of Huusk knives’ claims. Huusk kitchen knives are not Japanese knives and they are not as sharp as advertised. I do not recommend anyone buy from them.

If you are looking for a more legit alternative I would suggest you go for our chef knife of choice the Mac Mighty. It is one of the sharpest knives available and will add a spark to your kitchen.

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  1. Jane Hasle says:

    Thank you for that well-written summary! I replied to a husk ad and ordered 1 knife last week. When the payment page confirmed my order it confirmed for 4 knives! I immediately went on the chat and explained the situation and said i wanted only 1 knife and did not knowingly order 4 as I did not click on that option. She kept me chatting for over an hour and”was not able to reverse the charge on my card, citing that the warehouse was preparing my order.” She explained to her that I did not intend to order 4 knives, and could not have those charges remain on my card. We went back and forth like this, she saying she could not do anything about it, and I saying that she needed to refund my money right away. She said she would input a request to modify the order and someone would get back to me withing 24hrs by email. 24 hrs later, having heard nothing, I went on the chat again and the person said it took about 48 .hours to modify the order. That day I received a fraud alert that someone had charged my card for 275. online at Walmart, and them made 4 subsequent attempts to use my card at Walmart. I reported it as fraud and cancelled my card. I am suspicious that someone at husk used my card as I have never had such a problem after ordering online.
    48 hours later I received an email stating that the order was already in process and could not be stopped. So it is now 4-5 days later and no knives and no refund on my card.

    1. I had the same experience i order 1 knife and was charged for 4 and received 4. Trying to return tham is virtually impossible, unless you was to spend $77 to ship them to Lithuania!

      1. I had the same thing happen to me, I ordered 1 knife and 1 sheath and 4 showed up and also showed up on my credit card! So I called them and was assured I would get someone who spoke english. Well it was in both cases of my calls but so broken I couldn’t understand them! Finally I got them to send a form for returns which I got and as I was filling it out you have to agree to their terms in order to complete the form! Then I see where I must return them to Lithuania, my wife is having a and so am I, she goes on for the cheapest rate chart where 4 different rates are shown and the CHEAPEST WAS UPS WHICH WAS $82.51! Now I have contacted them and told them this is a scam and I intend to do everything in my power to ruin this bunch of thieves! So here is where I started!

        1. These knives (this crap) are promoted and advertised by the Lithuanian company UAB “Orbio World” (Kaunas, Lithuania)
          I am outraged by Huusk’s fraudulent advertising. I wrote a review that they create advertising for fraudsters and Google blocked all my reviews and photos on the maps.
          I constantly file a complaint about advertising that it is spam and fraud, but Google replies that the advertising does not violate their rules (they just need to make money).
          * – I didn’t buy anything from them.

      2. That is exactly what happened to me and a friend of mine. They added another 4 knives that I did not order. I called immediately and they said it was too late as it was already being shipped. The knives arrived, yes, they looks smart but they are far from the traditional Japanese quality. I saw the add on the Senior’s Discount site and have taken myself off that site. It would cost me more to send the extra knives back than they are worth. Shameful, and I have 8 knives plus it cost me $123 at the post office in taxes as they came through the States.

    2. Glenn Kamber says:

      I just experienced the same Huusk scam — charged for and received 4 knives I did not order. I called Huusk within 20 minutes of being billed for the extra knives and was told the order would be canceled and that I would receive notification of the cancellation within 24 hours. Instead, I started receiving shipping notices and then the extra knives arrived. The Orbio World company, which sells the Huusk knives, refused to talk to me about my situation because I asked PayPal to look into it. Meanwhile PayPal encouraged me to work with the seller. I too was then instructed by Huusk to return the unordered knives to Lithuania at a cost of more than $50. Only then would I get a refund. What a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Paula Bone says:

      OMG. Same here. I ordered 1 knife and 1 sheath on Dec 1 2023. My order was processed with an additional 4 knives which I did not order. I was charged $160Cdn instead of $80Cdn. I finally reached Huusk Dec 2 to cancel and was told I could not cancel and that I had to wait. The package of 5 knives and 1 sheith arrived Dec 12. I heard from Huusk by email Dec 13 with instructions for return. The order was mailed to me from Alabama USA. I was told to return the order to Lithuania!!!!!! Good grief! Canada Post has told me this will cost me $151.00 to mail to Lithuania. To retreive $160.00 in purchase price charges. I don’t think so. This company is a scam with very poor customer service. I will be leaving a dismal review for the Huusk company if I can find out where to. Will give the knives to my millennial son to pass on to friends at Christmas.

  2. Jane Hasle says:

    One vital piece is that the chat person on day 2 told me that the page defaults to 4 knives if you refresh it, and you do not know it has registered that you are ordering 4 knives. BEWARE!

  3. Gerald Berry says:

    YouTube is awash with false advertising and scam ads of this type. If it’s not Huusk, it’s cheap drones that fall to bits, Bitcoin scams, crypto scams, and marketing scams that claim they can make you “$20,000 a month”! They should be ashamed. But we all know that ever since Google bought YouTube, it’s been getting worse and worse every day.
    They’re allowing all of this scam advertising, while at the same time their AI has been banning comments for “wrongthink”!
    And not only that, there’s been a surge in “dating” comments that are clearly bots pushing Asian porn sites!
    You couldn’t make this stuff up!
    Thankfully there’s sites like this that show exactly what they’re up to with those ridiculous “Huusk” ads.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Kenzo Kishita thank you for your deligent research and review of the ‘Huusk knife’.

    It looks like a knife, it feels like a comfortable handle in the hand – yet I have sharper cutlery knives!

    I bought one through Klarna, I needed a decent knife as a moving in present to myself when I relocated to my new home.

    It arrived, it looked good and then it was packed away ready for my move. I finally moved into my new home on 11th December 2021. It was sharpish… considering the only foods being prepared were vegetables; I expected a better blade. It’s now the 4th January 2022 and the blade is duller. This is unusual for a new, quality knife.

    In the past, the average knife for domestic use has needed sharpening every 3-4 months. This product is dull after roughly 22 uses. I have contacted the company who recommended using a whetstone with water to sharpen…. they would be happy to sell one to me.

    Buyers beware, this product is a mass produced and inferior quality. Do your research and buy the best.

  5. I bought four of each. Also not real happy. The blade is more dull then it is sharp.. they claim in the short video they slice right through the tomato and it falls down in place. I could not cut through a tomato even on a cutting board. It did go through other veggies with no problem on the cutting board.
    Rating one to ten I give it a three.
    I’m not returning them as I already gave them out as gifts but note I’m kind of embarrassed.

  6. Yes Huusk is a CON
    I stupidly purchased a Huusk knife and it is blunt!! I had to buy a set of sharpening stones to sharpen it. Also the handle is already slightly loose.
    You’ve been warned.
    I’m now going to invest in a genuine Japanese knife.
    Good luck.

  7. Michael Loh says:

    Thanks for the article, I kept seeing their advert on youtube. Obviously I love Japanese products since both my cars are Japanese (Honda and Mitsubishi). I believe Japanese knives to be the sharpest so was really curious about this make.

    1. They are mass produced in China! Don’t waste your money on this scam outfit!

    2. Roger Cronk says:

      Japanese knives hold the sharpness longest and are awesome but chip much easier than German knives. If you know how to sharpen knives German are best.

  8. Jamie Horne says:

    I am ashamed I purchased 4 Huusk Knives at a super reduced price thinking all their claim and description were accurate. It was my first use that identified their claims to be false. The dullest new knife I’ve ever purchased. I feel more was spent on packaging than the knife! I wish I found your wisdom sooner!!

  9. Bobby Peru says:

    I bought one of these knives and had no problem with getting the order. So, no problems with customer service etc. However, I rarely use mine now because it is awkward to use compared to conventional chefs’ knives, and needs to be sharpened regularly. It is not suitable for using on vegetables, forget the bit about slicing through tomatoes, but is pretty good on meat. Save your money and buy a proper chefs’ knife, you won’t regret it.

  10. Jeez it would have been nice if this article gave the Huusk knife a review. I dont care if they are made on the moon and the blade is made from cow turds. Does it cut well? is it worth the price? is it long lasting and durable? Will it Shapen without issue? Come on guys!!

    1. Hey Mike, you can check the comments on this post. They would give you exactly true insights into what you’re asking about.

    2. Did you even bother to read the article? It is one long review.

  11. John Green says:

    Thank you for your exhaustive review. I bought one of these Huusk knives and realized that they had to be sharpened. I have since seen them for sale at various prices and under other brands. The knife is ok but it is not the fine quality knife that Huusk would have you to believe. For 29.00 they are ok but for 129.00 they are a rip-off. Thanks again,
    John Green

  12. Bernard Cohn says:

    I got a huusk knife as a gift. I simply want to know if this knife is one-sided (right or left) for sharpening purposes or, as a conventional American knife, it is two-sided

  13. Harry Dienaar says:

    Dear Kenzo, thank you very much for your advice and article.
    I was unfortunately suckered in to purchasing this knife- I could immediately feel that the edge was not as advertised.
    But, now of course I am stuck with my purchase.
    Kindest regards,

  14. Janet Green. says:

    I have just received my huusk knife which claimed to be japanese and incredibly sharp so I cut a lemon and was amazed it would hardly get through it, next I attempted cutting a cauliflower which required a great deal of effort so to say I was disappointed is an understatement, my dinner knives are sharper.

    1. John Collins says:

      I don’t know the best way to describe it but I got a piece of paper with mine and it just slid through like butter

  15. Eric Bogner says:

    Good day.
    I had purchased the Huusk knife. Extremely disappointed. One side of the bevel @ 1mm, the other side @ 2.5 mm. It does not cut/slice.
    My kitchen knives and fillet knife are much sharper.
    Can you assist with a contact for Huusk knives?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Eric Bogner
    [email protected]

    1. Their phone # is 1-205-782-8186 Which is in Alabama, the knives are mass produced in China! Good Luck!

      1. Be aware that this number I posted is awaiting moderation, we’ll see what that means! But if you call it you will get to talk to Huusk!

  16. Joe FRANCIS says:

    The knives are below average!
    The thing that bothers me is w went to return them and I had to mail them to LITHUANIA – at a cost of $88.00!!!!!
    Be carful when you buy!
    Buy USA!!

  17. I see no recommendation for the Global brand knife? ( I have had their products for more than 10 years) Have maintained their edge and only have required the occasional edge straighten on a steel,or a quick stroke through their ceramic roller sharpener.

    1. Global is absolutely a decent brand. Yet, I prefer to recommend handmade Japanese knives rather than mass-produced ones like Shuns, Global, etc. However, there’s nothing wrong going for these brands. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

  18. Marc Rubinstein says:

    Thank you! Your review was well reasoned, well written, knowledgable and showed a real love of knives. In addition the alternative suggestions were insightful and so very welcome.

    I was very suspicious of the Huusk claims which seemed ignorant of the actual process and metals used in manufacture. I am most aware of the Damascus process as relates to Viking swords which brought me to then learn about Katanas.

    Thank you again.

  19. That sounds about right, make you think you’re getting a true knife, when you’re getting a lowball

  20. Thank you so much Kenzo-san. An excellent review that will help many people, including me, fall for this persuasive but untruthful marketing approach.

  21. George Swangler says:

    Boy i fell like s…,i bought 4 and gave to as a gift’s. i was a sucker, do your research. bummer

  22. Got “4” , one was ok second had been scratched as the edge was being done, grinder brushed the mirrored side, third one had a half inch gap in the edge and all the handles rattle . False advertising not the quality they advertised.

  23. Joe Barber says:

    So nice to read well-researched consumer-oriented news.
    Although I haven’t gone through other articles, this one on culinary knives is a beauty and I’ll be following the site and recommend it.

  24. Gary Germo says:

    This company is a ripoff. I ordered one knife and when I got the email confirming the order it stated they were sending and charging me for three knifes. I called them immediately and was told they would correct the order, then one day later received an email saying they could not alter the order. when I went to return two of the knifes, I discovered they had to be returned to Lithuania and it would cost over half of the purchase price to return them. Has anyone else had this happen?

    1. McIntosh Anna says:

      Yes, I’ve been scammed exactly as you were! 😕 I spent over an hour in the phone yesterday with a rep supposedly based in the US, and after heated discussion was told I’d be provided with a refund on my credit card. $181 CDN for 4 leather sheaths (which I have received) and 4 knives (still in transit). I was instructed to refuse delivery of the knives, but am now trying to figure out how to instruct Canada Post to hold them at the post office. I’ve spent HOURS dealing with this fraudulent organization!

    2. Valerie O'Hara says:

      This is exactly what happened to me. Their site is designed to multiply the order. I received four knives even though I was very quickly on to them (within the hour)explaining there was a mistake, I had ordered only one knife. Too late it was already processed they said! The parcel arrived within the week. The only way to get a refund was to return the knives to Lithuania in spite of the knives arriving from an Australian address. It cost me over AU$90. to return them. I was glad to get the bad energy out of my house. I have no idea if the knives are any good as I was too offended by their dishonesty to try one. PayPal refunded my purchase cost but the return postage was my loss.
      Lesson learnt by myself but others please be warned. Their sale site is set up to mislead you and there is no final check your order and costs page. You just get a shock when the paid invoice pops up. Japanese people must feel so offended that these knives are falsely bearing their name. There is no honour!

  25. thanks for your article, i have been tricked similarly by aknife company claiming to be japnaese more than once now i guess next time will have to make extra sure, tho it seems weird people are into false advertiseing and its not stopped sooner often times. this time i saw the add on facebook for huusk and was tricked to buy one now will be returning to ebay

    1. Re: tools and knives
      Do people not remember the Ginsu knife and so many other gadgets? Most tools have been tried and perfected by trial and error-actual use. Most new ideas are not at all new just someone merchandising an old idea. Knives. Steel has changed. Is it better? What is better? Japanese smorai swords. Real ones are expensive and are art-linked back to the maker. Far more common are copies. There are some quality copies and they too are expensive and most a junk made and hopefully sold cheap.

  26. This knife was dull right out of the box! I tried to cut a tomato and it squashed the skin before it cut. Worst knife I’ve ever purchased. I emailed customer support and was told to sharpen the knife! WTF? It’s brand new! Received a call a few days later and was told again to sharpen it. They said they have no idea what I was trying to cut with it. Basically blaming me for the dulling of the blade. Knife is made in China not Japan. No satisfaction from the company. DO NOT BUY!

    1. Robert Baker says:

      I found something on Temu for $11 bucks I believe. Will have to see if it arrives. It can’t be any worse than what I use! Wasn’t going to pay $40 for something I couldn’t find much info on. And people here think Communism is great!

  27. Roger Holborn says:

    Huusk knives has very deceptive advertising. Just received knives today only to find out that in very small lettering PRC is on the box, people’s Republic of China. I would have never ordered them had I known that up front, I will never order anything else from them

  28. I really should have read this review prior. I am still awaiting the arrival of one knife, which was ordered on April 23rd. Still in transit and Huusk Support is not responding to my messages! The Tracking message states: May 7th “Have fall to the ground” !! Whatever that means, it is most certainly not serious nor trustworthy. Fingers-crossed that it will eventually arrive.

  29. Knives, I woodcarving so forced to deal with knives, sharpening etc. It is all a matter of opinion.
    Harder steel will take a sharper edge but is subject to the cutting edge fracturing when pushed.
    One knife does all. That is I can push the knife to do things it was not meant to do. Add to that many most people now use plastic cutting boards. Not sure but I think you cannot use wooden cutting boards in a commercial operation. In fact knives can no longer be non stainless steel.
    Japanese knives. Watch the knife work at a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. They do not use a knife as I do. I do have and enjoy a Japanese knife. I don’t recall the name. It is very hard laminated steel with a narrow very sharp edge used to cut vegetables. When people grab a knife and use this knife to cut meat you can break off chunks of steel as it is hard with a shark angle. Use, I must have over 20 knives but use at most 3 or 4.

  30. C.S. Graves says:

    An uncle was gifted one of these some time ago, & he & my aunt mentioned it to me, being a bit of a knife guy. I had a hard time breaking the truth to them, but at least they didn’t shell out any money for it! My condolences to everyone else that got taken in by their advertising.
    It’d be funny to see how the 18/10 stainless compares to my kitchen knives in S35VN and Magnacut.

  31. If anyone one wants a decent chef’s knife that’s actually made in Japan, just look at the website Chefs knives to go. They work with small foundries In Japan and have budget options to super high end ones.

  32. J. Edmondson says:

    Sorriest excuse for a knife that I have yet seen. If you are looking for a dull, virtually impossible-to-sharpen knife then you are at the right place. To make matters worse, their “sharpener” can be had – in better quality – for about half the price. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of these scammers!

  33. Monica Koehn says:

    Hussk is a scam. I am a senior citizen who only wanted to buy a chef knife for my son for Christmas as he loves to cook. As I was checking out, I guess I accidentally ordered four. Within two seconds. I notified customer service as I had just done it. Without a lengthy story and needless to say, they charge my card and told me there was nothing they could do about it. This company is definitely a rip off. Please don’t buy anything from them.

  34. Koshian O'Hagi says:

    On some of the websites selling this knife, there are photos showing the inside of the box, and on the inside of the lid is written a two-character word. It’s not Japanese, it’s Chinese (it means « myth »). The Japanese equivalent would be 神話. The first character is the same in Japanese and Chinese, so it wouldn’t be enough to determine which language it is, but the second takes a different form in Japanese : 話, and not 话 as in the photo. The radical of this character (the part on the left) as seen in the cover has a simplified form that is typical of the writing of the People’s Republic of China, different from the form used in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong).

  35. Robert Baker says:

    I found something on Temu for $11 bucks I believe. Will have to see if it arrives. It can’t be any worse than what I use! Wasn’t going to pay $40 for something I couldn’t find much info on.

  36. Paula Bone says:

    Thank you for your informative article. Sure wish I had seen it earlier. I feel so foolish to have been suckered in by this fraudulent company. And condolences to my fellow trusting purchasers. I think we have all learned something.

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