About Us

Wherever I go, I see low-quality content and wrong info about knives all over the internet. That is the main reason behind creating Blades Power.

My mission is to produce the most trusted guides and recommendations you can’t find anywhere else.

kenzo kishita

Welcome! My name is Kenzo Kishita. You can call me a “ knife nerd”. The kitchen is my best place in the world. I’m a Hāfu with a Japanese father and an American mom. No wonder I have a special interest in Japanese knives and Japanese cuisine.

I hope to succeed in my mission. I promise to add a ton of value over here. No BS. Every piece of content is well-researched to provide you with the best experience ever.

Please if you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me

Knife to meet you:)

Kenzo Kishita

Founder of Blades Power