Rada knives review

This is our Rada knives review.

We feel safe with familiar things, well-known brands, and things that are tried by many, especially our trusted ones. 

Rada cutlery is a 70-year-old American cutlery company that has been producing knives and other cookware for generations. You’re very likely to find a Rada knife in your mum’s or grandma’s kitchen.

Who would give better kitchen advice than our mums and grandmas? If mama said this knife set is great, then you know it is.

Well, whether you’re updating your kitchen arsenal or considering a gift for a friend, you want to make sure that Rada is the right choice. That’s what this Rada knife set review is made for. 

So, let’s see, will you follow your granny’s advice, or just go for another option this time?

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Rada Cutlery review

Now, as you’re reading this Rada knives review, you may be asking yourself if you’re making the right buying decision. 

Is Rada cutlery a good investment for your money? If you’re still wondering,  this Rada knife review is probably all you need.

Now, we are going to discuss the general characteristic of Rada knives.

  • Steel:

    Rada knives are made of T420 stainless steel, popular budget steel that has been used since long ago for making kitchen and surgical blades.

    This type of stainless steel is known for its high corrosion resistance, which can withstand humid environments such as beach houses or restaurants in coastal areas.

    With a hardness rate of around 50 HCR, we can consider T420 soft steel, with high toughness, but not hard enough to retain a razor-sharp edge for a long time.

    This is quite an issue for many of us who are seeking good-quality knives.

    However, this type of steel has the advantage of being easy to re-sharpen. So, if you’re ok with regular maintenance of your knives, the fair edge retention won’t be a great deal.

    Also, an HRC of 50 is still adequate for performing multiple cutting tasks efficiently, without failure of the blade.

    It’s important to mention that the T420 Rada knives are known to be light in weight, which means they are easy to use by almost everyone.
  • Handle:

    On judging a knife, a comfortable grip is a key feature to consider.

    Accordingly, Rada cutlery makers offer three types of handles among their knives; silver aluminum, black resin stainless steel, and anthem wave handle.

    The aluminum handle is made of cast aluminum, with a smooth finish, to provide a comfortable grip during work.

    The manufacturers point out the importance of hand-washing their knives, especially the ones with an aluminum handle since they are not dishwasher-friendly.

    As for the black resin handles, they are better than the aluminum handles at tolerating the harsh dishwasher conditions,  yet it’s preferable to hand-wash them for longer durability.

    Anthem wave-handled knives are also black in color as the resin ones. They are ergonomically designed and are slightly larger and longer than the other two types of handles.

    These are specially designed for cooks who prefer larger handles, a lot of users didn’t like the feeling of the big anthem, wave handles though.
  • Cost and lifetime warranty:

    The price range of Rada knives is one of their strong selling points. Made of T420 budget steel, they’re quite affordable for almost everyone.

    In addition to their budget-friendly cost, Rada cutlery owners provide a lifetime warranty, where you can replace any of their products in case of any defect due to material or craftsmanship.

In this section, you will see a detailed review of almost every Rada knife.

This is Rada’s chef knife, a multipurpose one suitable for various cutting tasks. 

The blade is hollow-ground which makes it very thin behind the cutting edge and extremely sharp, a public request for everybody, from a home cook to a professional chef.

The belly of the blade is designed for an easy rock-chop cutting style, so you can use a Rada  French chef knife to chop, dice, slice, or mince herbs, fruits, veggies, and meat.

Another remarkable thing about the Rada French chef is the very narrow cross-section of the blade. The thinness of the blade makes it very flexible, thus, suitable for fileting stuff like fish, salmon, or halibut. 

This also reduces the wedging effect during cutting, producing neater cuts, especially when you’re slicing something, a tomato, for example.

However, some users weren’t satisfied with the Rada French chef’s blade being too thin and flexible. 

An extremely thin blade may be a bit disturbing when used with sticky food items such as cheese, so it’s better to use it with food items that separate spontaneously from the blade e.g. meat. 

In addition to this, a too flexible blade would be pretty annoying if you try to use it with hard foodstuffs, plus, it could chip or fail during use, and you could get easily injured. 


  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Light-weighted and easy to use
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Versatile and can be used in many cutting tasks
  • The knife with resin handle is dishwasher friendly
  • Affordable
  • Giftable 


  • Too small handle
  • The blade is quite flimsy
  • The blade doesn’t keep its edge for a long time and dulls easily.
  • The blade may deform or bend during shipping
  • Uncomfortable grip especially the rough aluminum handle
  • The black resin handle stains hands after dishwashing
  • Rust spots may appear shortly on the blade

This knife by Rada cutlery combines the maneuverability of a paring knife and the versatility of a larger chef knife. 

Just like the Rada French chef knife, this one is a multipurpose knife but it’s different in shape, with a straighter cutting edge, and smaller in size than the chef knife. 

That’s why it is more suitable than the chef’s knife if you need to cut smaller items, with more control during chopping, slicing, and dicing.

The shape of the belly is curved as well to provide an easy rocking motion during cutting different types of food, like fresh herbs, veggies, or small fruits.

 In the case of larger fruits, a melon, or something like that, the larger chef knife would be a better choice.

If you’re willing to chop something in a rocking fashion, for instance, some herbs or Garlic, I’d tell you to go for the French chef’s knife; it excels at rocking more than the cook’s utility knife, which is better at straight, downward chopping.


  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Light-weighted
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Good balance during handling and use


  • Flimsy blade, very easy to warp or bend
  • The blade dulls easily
  • The handle has an uncomfortable grip

Larger than a Rada cook’s utility and smaller than a French chef’s, you can also use this Rada cook’s knife for various cutting tasks.

This knife is good for slicing and dicing vegetables, as well as cutting down large pieces of meat and chicken. It’s also fit for rock-chopping vegetables like the French chef’s and the cook’s utility knives.


  • Light-weighted and easy to use
  • Sharp blade edge
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Affordable
  • Giftable 


  • Too flexible, can’t cut well through tough foodstuff
  • Short edge retention, needs frequent sharpening
  • The sharp spine of the blade may cause injury to fingers during use
  • blade/tip may deform easily on cutting hard stuff

Rada knife makers managed to craft a knife that is specialized in slicing fruits and veggies. The characteristic feature of the tomato slicer is its double, serrated edge. 

Those serrations are designed to allow an easy, clean slicing through tomatoes without crushing them, and also other vegetables like lemon, lettuce, and onions. 

The dual serrated edge also makes the tomato slicer adequate for use by left and right-handed people, and beginners as well.


  • Very sharp blade and tip
  • Works well with tomato and also other vegetables and fruits
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Can be presented as a gift


  • Not dishwasher-friendly tarnishes quickly and stains hands
  • The blade is too flexible and can’t cut through the hard stuff
  • Serrations are too big compared to the size of the knife
  • The aluminum handle has a rough finish
  • Too small handle, difficult to grip

This is a 4-pieces set of serrated steak knives specially designed for dining. 

The interesting thing about this set of knives is that the blade is serrated on one side only, which means extremely sharp. Besides, the serrations on the blade facilitate cutting through meat in a saw-like manner. 

Another perk of the Rada cutlery steak knife set is its packaging. The set of steak knives comes in a decent, sturdy gift box. So, yes, you can purchase this set as a nice, budget-friendly gift for your loved ones.

Two in one; you can use this knife as a utility knife in your kitchen, or as a steak knife on your dining table. 

This is another versatile, multipurpose knife in the Rada cutlery family. The edge is hollow ground which makes it highly sharp to use in a bunch of cooking tasks, in addition to dining.

Slightly larger than a traditional paring knife, this one can be used for obtaining small and large cuts of meat, vegetables, fruits, and fish.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Adequate size
  • Multipurpose, can be used inside and outside the kitchen, for dining
  • Budget-friendly


  • Too flexible blade which bends easily during use
  • Uncomfortable, small handle
  • Can rust if washed by dishwasher
  • The blade dulls quickly

As they say, ”a sharp knife is a safe knife.” with frequent use, our kitchen knives often get dull, turning your cooking session into a nightmare. You also might get hurt trying to force a dull blade into a food item, as it might slip easily. 

That’s why, regular sharpening of your kitchen knives is favorable, especially with blades that don’t hold their sharp edges for a long time.

For those who prefer at-home resharpening, a good, easy-to-use knife sharpener is a blessing in disguise. So, Rada knife makers managed to add a knife sharpener to complement their set of cutlery products.

The Rada cutlery quick knife sharpener is composed of a black nylon base, along with two intersecting stainless steel wheels. The intersecting wheels allow the resharpening of both sides of the edge at the same moment while holding the nylon base in place. 

Hunters, fishermen, and cooks on the go can use the Rada knife sharpener outdoors since it’s compact, portable, and packs up easily.


  • Has a simple design and is easy to use
  • Compact  and easy to store or pack and use outdoor
  • Resharpens knives very well to a razor-sharp edge
  • Quick in resharpening knives


  • Works better with hollow-ground edges than other types of grinds
  • Needs fixing pads on the base to prevent its slippage on smooth surfaces
  • Needs a safer handling part for protecting hands 

If we made a list of the foodstuffs that are challenging to cut, bread would definitely be on top of that list. We’ve all been there, struggling to cut a mushy or a crusty loaf of bread without damaging it into crumbs. 

For this reason, a bread knife is one of the kitchen essentials. 

Rada bread knife is specially designed for cutting bread with serrations along the blade to cut through bread and pastry in a saw-like action to get clean cuts without squishing them.

 As well, the long length of the blade is fit for cutting different loaf sizes.  

The handle of the bread knife is made of black resin stainless steel with a finger guard for protection, which can tolerate dishwashers, nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing the knife for longer durability.


  • Sharp and precise
  • Slices fresh and crusty bread loaves easily
  • Adequate length, suitable for cutting cakes
  • Light in weight and easy to use
  • dishwasher-tolerant


  • Too small handle
  • The silver brushed aluminum handle has a rough finish
  • Uncomfortable grip
  • Needs pressure during use on too crusty loaves
  • Black resin handle stains hands and food after washing

You’ll probably think that is knife is all about meat, but no. This is another all-purpose knife by Rada, not only suitable for cutting chunks of meat, but also fit for dealing with other types of food.

A Rada butcher’s blade is hollow ground, good for cutting ribs, disjointing poultry, and slicing large fruits like a melon as well as pies and cakes.

The silver-colored handle is made of cast aluminum with a smooth finish to provide a comfortable grip.


  • An all-purpose knife
  • Extremely sharp out of the box
  • Affordable for everybody
  • Great for cutting vegetables, fruits, and meat
  • Can cut through the frozen food


  • The knife is too light and needs more pressure on the use
  • Aluminum Handle tarnishes rapidly
  • Resin handle stains hands

With a thinner and longer blade than the Rada stubby Butcher’s knife, the carver knife is more flexible, which makes it specialized in carving meat away from the bone. 

A Rada carver can be used to precisely carve a whole ham, poultry, or in other intricate tasks such as deskinning fish or removing fats from a brisket.

This knife is available with two handle options; either silver aluminum or black resin handle.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Precise cutting
  • Economic price


  • Blade too flimsy
  • So light in weight
  • Not well-balanced in use
  • The one with the aluminum handle is not dishwasher safe

The special feature of the Rada heavy-duty paring knife is that its handle is slightly longer than the usual paring knives, which gives more control and efficiency during use.

You can also consider this knife a versatile one, with a smooth, non-serrated stainless steel blade suitable for a number of cutting purposes.

Unboxing Rada Cutlery Heavy-Duty Paring Knife

 Its size makes it convenient for cutting, slicing, and dicing larger food items such as onions or cucumbers, as well as smaller ones like when you chop garlic or something.


  • Incredibly sharp
  • Excellent at cutting fruits and vegetables
  • An all-purpose knife


  • Handle sheds black rust after washing
  • The blade is too flexible and not suitable for heavy work
  • The blade dulls rapidly

Welcome to Rada’s best-seller! The Rada regular paring knife is one of the kitchen go-to’s among the Rada family. 

This knife gains its popularity from its ideal size and razor-sharp hollow-ground edge which suit a wide range of cutting tasks, especially food prep. You can easily use it for slicing and paring different kinds of fruits and veggies.

Combining comfort with precision, Rada’s regular paring knife has what it takes for a perfect knife.  

The black resin stainless steel handle makes this knife dishwasher safe. Still, it’s better if you hand-wash it for longer durability.


  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Multipurpose knife
  •  Affordable 


  • Poor edge retention
  • Blade too flexible
  • Rusts rapidly

This is Rada’s largest paring knife. It’s specially designed to deal with tough and large food items with efficiency and ease, let’s say, a whole chicken or maybe a cauliflower. 

Its hollow-ground sharp edge and its large handle provide comfort, particularly, during long periods of cooking. There are also two handle options; silver aluminum or black resin handle.


  • Super sharp
  • Multipurpose
  • Well-balanced during use


  • Sharp choil area that may cause injury
  • The aluminum handle tarnishes fast
  • Too light in weight

Intricate cutting tasks make a real struggle if you’re having the wrong knife in hand. For example, if you’re carving a tomato flower or deveining some shrimp, you need a small knife to help you cut precisely.

That’s what Rada granny paring is made for. The knife’s small size and curved blade make it perfect for delicate cutting like peeling a potato, coring a tomato, or dicing up some fruits.


  • The curve of the blade is great for coring onions and other veggies
  • Extremely sharp edge
  • Great with small food items e.g. strawberry
  • Ergonomic grip for arthritic and carpal tunnel people  


  • The one with the aluminum handle is NOT dishwasher-safe 

This is a small paring knife by Rada, with a short, sharp blade of about 2.5 inches in length, specifically made for peeling fruits and vegetables with more control and ease.

If you are overwhelmed by the various types of Rada paring knives, this video may help you sort this problem out.


  • Very sharp blade
  • Great for small fruits and vegetable


  • The blade is too flexible
  • The handle is too small
  • The black resin handle peels off upon washing in the dishwasher

One of the first three knives produced by Rada. 

The slicer by Rada knives has a straight, sharp, hollow-ground edge suitable for slicing large fruits and vegetables, especially those with tough skin such as eggplant.

This knife is also ideal for slicing meat and poultry. Using the Rada slicer, you can precisely slice your thanksgiving turkey, a pork loin, or a juicy roast.  


  • Light-weighted and easy to use
  • Razor sharp out of the box
  • Thin blade with less wedging action


  • A too flexible blade that can bend easily
  • The aluminum handle is not dishwasher-safe

With a longer blade than the original Rada slicer, this knife is designed to cut large pieces of meat into paper-thin slices, as well as large fruits and veggies like melons. The razor-sharp, straight, slender blade is ideal for cutting through large pieces of meat such as hams or loins.


  • Super sharp
  • Can make paper-thin slices of ham


  • The aluminum handle is not dishwasher-safe

Versatility at its best. The Anthem series is a set of the three top sellers of Rada kitchen knives; the heavy-duty parer, the super parer, and the tomato slicer. These three cover almost all cutting purposes involving different types of foodstuffs.

Their handles are made of ergonomic black stainless steel resin with a matte finish. 

The anthem wave resin handles have the privilege of being larger than other handles which provides a more balanced, comfortable grip dealing with different textures and sizes of food items. 

In addition, the resin handles of the anthem wave series are much easier to clean since they are dishwasher tolerant. However, as recommended by the manufacturer, you better wash them by hand to prevent microscopic dings on the cutting edge and avoid corrosion.

If you’re a home cook or a novice chef, this is the set for you, it has all what it takes to be your go-to knife set, with just three knives, stored safely in their box, with form-fitted liners keeping the knives in place.

Which Rada cutlery gift set to choose?

Choosing a gift is a sort of art, especially if the gift is for a loved one. A nice and smart thing about Rada cutlery is its endless gift choices.  

If you are thinking about a Christmas, a wedding, or a housewarming gift, Rada would be a decent choice. 

The Rada gift sets come in an elegant gift box, you have a pile of knives and other cooking utensils to choose from, that satisfy all tastes. Most importantly, there is a wide array of prices suitable for everyone’s budget.

Rada Cutlery S38 7-pc Starter Gift Set + R119 Knife Sharpener

For those who love practical, multipurpose gifts, this set is the most versatile option.

Composed of 7 pieces, the Rada starter gift set contains all the essential knives to prepare a decent meal.

This cutlery set includes a regular paring knife, a vegetable peeler,  a tomato slicer, a super parer, a bread knife, a cook’s knife, a slicer knife, and a knife sharpener.

The handles on the knives of a starter gift set are made of permanently cast silver brushed aluminum.

Unboxing Rada Cutlery S38 7-pc Starter Gift Set

The starter set would be a smart gift choice for a newlywed couple, a beginner chef, or a home cook.

Rada Cutlery 4-Piece Kitchen Utensil Gift Set

The truly good news is that Rada gift sets are not restricted to cutlery only, there are also gift sets composed of other kitchen utensils.

The Rada cutlery 4-piece utensil set includes an ice cream scoop, a serrated pie server, a pizza cutter, and a spatula.

The utensils in this set are all made of 300 series high nickel stainless steel, which is known for its high corrosion resistance. They are tough and designed to be unbendable and unbreakable.

This set is great for serving, cutting, and mixing our favorite snacks and treats, so that’s another impressive gift option.

 Budget choices:

Rada Cutlery Two-Piece Knife Stainless Steel Cook’s Choice Gift Set with Aluminum handles

Featuring two of the most versatile kitchen knives; the super parer, and the cook’s utility knife. This knife set is the perfect budget-friendly gift. This one also works as a nice wedding or housewarming gift.

Rada Cutlery Cooking Essentials Knife Starter Gift 3 Piece Stainless Steel Set

This set consists of 3 knives covering all the possible cutting tasks, especially for beginners; a heavy-duty paring knife, a steak/utility knife, and a tomato slicer. It’s also considered a bargain.

The handles of this knife set are also made of cast, silver-brushed aluminum, which means they should be hand-washed only.

Paring Knives Galore Gift Set 

This gift set features 3 different paring knives; the peeling paring knife, the regular paring knife, and the heavy-duty paring knife. This set is ideal for the precise cutting of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Unboxing Rada cutlery paring Knives Galore Gift Set 

Its price is also highly affordable.

Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set

The components of this set are Rada’s regular paring knife, a vegetable peeler, and a tomato slicer which are all the essential utensils needed to slice, pare and peel the ingredients of any meal.

This makes it a suitable gift for a wedding, welcoming a new neighbor, or maybe a birthday.

The handles of the set are made of black resin which is easier to clean since they are dishwasher-friendly.

This set is among the budget gift options, for its versatility, it’s a great bang for your buck.

Rada Cutlery Serrated Steak Knife Set

A set of six steak knives would be the perfect gift to steak lovers at their wedding, anniversary, or birthday.

These steak knives have longer, non-serrated blades compared to the other versions of the Rada steak knives. They are designed to be used either as kitchen utility knives or as dining knives on your table.

Unboxing Rada Cutlery Serrated Steak Knife Set

The handles are made of black, dishwasher-tolerant resin. 

Wedding Register Gift Set for Wedding

If you’re thinking about a memorable wedding gift for a couple that will constantly remind them of you, nothing is better than something they would use every day. That’s why the 4-pieces wedding register gift set would be a nice, affordable gift. 

This set is composed of 4 multipurpose Rada knives; the regular paring knife, the utility/steak knife, the stubby butcher, and the classic slicer.

The handles are made of cast silver-brushed aluminum, which should be hand-washed only.

Housewarming Gift Set

The housewarming gift set contains 3 kitchen knives; the regular paring knife; Rada’s top seller,  the steak/utility, and the slicer knife. 

This set costs only a few bucks which is quite a bargain putting in mind the versatility of the knife set, along with its elegant packaging.

Rada cutlery overview

Not only cutlery but the Rada company has been producing different types of cookware since 1948. It started as a humble family business in Iowa, USA. Rada kitchenware has been manufactured for about 70 years in the USA, from American materials, and surgical-grade t420 stainless steel. 

If you take a look at the Rada website, you’ll find that it’s much more than a knife-selling company. They have a variety of cooking stuff such as knives, pans, pots, and even quick mixes. 

Based on the mindset of helping others, Rada offers a fundraising program to support schools, churches, women’s leagues, and other organizations. Not only that, but Rada also supports entrepreneurs who wish to sell Rada’s products.

Rada Cutlery portfolio        

Here’s a collection of almost all of Rada’s products for you to check:

  • Knives:
    • Paring knives:
      • Steak (2 types)
      • Slicer
      • Carver
    • Meat & poultry
    • Anthem wave series
  • Utensils & Quick mixes:
    • Rada knives sharpener
    • Rada Cutlery Deluxe Vegetable Peeler
    • Bacon Cheddar Dip
    • Garden Vegetable Cheeseball
    • Popcorn on the Cob
    • Spinach Artichoke Dip
    • Ice Cream Scoop
    • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
    • Pizza Cutter
    • Cucumber Onion Dill Dip
    • Serverspoon

Rada knives review: what do customers think?

One thing I love about Amazon is the customers’ reviews section. It’s a pretty reliable reference to help you decide about purchasing something.   

About Rada, there are thousands of global Rada kitchen knives reviews from users, and most importantly those who actually bought the Rada knives from Amazon. 

You’ll find positive and critical reviews, but the good news is that there are many more satisfied customers than angry ones. 

Most users admired the razor-sharp blades of the knives and their impressive maneuverability. 

However, there were lots of complaints, if not most of them, about the handles generally being too small with uncomfortable, not to mention the resin handle black-staining hands upon dish-washing.

I absolutely love this knife.
The angle of the blade is perfect for diverse cutting. This is good for chopping, filleting, mincing and all of these for soft or hard food.

I sharpen all my knives with a stone and this one holds a very very sharp edge for a long time.

People complain about the handle being too small, but unless you have Andre the Giant sized hands, it shouldn’t be a problem.

This is easy to clean and works for a variety of cutting. Love it

The blade is sharp. The metal was rough and the handle tarnished after a few uses. I don’t like the way the handle feels.

Where can I purchase Rada knives?    

Rada products are among the popular budget products, so, you’ll find them on several retail websites such as Amazon or eBay, or you can directly purchase them from the online Rada kitchen store.

Based on personal experience, I prefer shopping from Amazon, as their shipping is fast and they have a customer-friendly refund policy.

Rada kitchen knives alternatives

 After reading this Rada cutlery review, if you’re still not sure about Rada or searching for knives with better edge retention and dishwasher safe, here are some good alternatives that you can check, which are also within the budget.

Rada vs Cutco

Rada vs Cutco

Cutco Cutlery is another option that should be considered if you’re into American Brands. 

The handles are ergonomically designed with a full tang, and triple riveted for a comfortable balanced grip.

Made of thermoplastic resin, wood, or oak, the handles make Cutco knives dishwasher-safe, they also provide a more comfortable grip than Rada handles. 

The blades of Cutco knives are made of  440A surgical quality, budget stainless steel which can be heat treated to achieve a high level of hardness, around 56 HRC, in addition, it’s known to have high corrosion resistance.

These knives, Cutco, have insanely sharp blades, however, they have a short edge retention period, but the good thing is that their steel is easy to re-sharpen.

Cutco knives also have a wide variety of sets, especially giftable ones, but their price range is higher than Rada knives.

The most attractive thing about buying Cutco knives is their lifetime warranty, not only for defects in craftsmanship like Rada but also a lifetime warranty for any defect including sharpness and misuse warranty. 

Rada vs Victorinox

Rada vs Victorinox

Victorinox is a well-known Swiss company with a variety of products including kitchen cutlery. 

The blades are made of 1.4110 martensitic stainless steel with high corrosion resistance and a hardness rate of 56 HRC. This makes the blade sturdy and stable during function, increasing the cutting efficiency.

Victorinox knives are also very sharp but might need frequent sharpening, which is not an issue since they are easy to sharpen.

The handles are made of special rough plastic offering a non-slip grip. They also have a much more comfortable grip than Rada knives, and they are dishwasher-tolerant as well.

Victorinox knives have a bit higher price point than Rada knives, which are still pocket-friendly. They also have a variety of knives available individually or in a set.

Rada vs Wusthof

Rada vs Wusthof

Speaking of blades, you must’ve heard about the German “Wusthof”, one of the most reputable knife companies for about two centuries.

Wusthof knives are made of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel with a hardness rate of 58 HRC, which provides better edge retention and sharpness than Rada blades.  

The blade is extremely sharp out of the box, with a blade angle of 14 degrees on each side.

Wusthof’s knife handles are made of polyoxymethylene, which is hard, durable, resistant to discoloration, and highly tolerant to humid and thermal conditions.  In addition, POM is hygienic and provides a comfortable non-slip grip compared to Rada knife handles.

The handles are as well, contoured, and full-tang designed for a more balanced, controlled, and comfortable grip.

Wusthof has a large collection of around 37 sets, starting from 2 pieces up to a 36-pieces knife block.

These knives are not dishwasher-safe, yet they’re easy to clean, so I don’t consider this as a deal breaker. 

As for the price, it’s much higher than that of Rada, which can be a bit off-budget for some of us.

FAQs about Rada knives

  1. Where are Rada knives made?

    Rada knives are made in the USA.

  2. Are Rada knives dishwasher-safe?

    No, Rada knives are not dishwasher-safe. Although the manufacturers state that the knives with resin handles can be washed in the dishwasher, they recommend that they’d better be hand-washed for longer durability.

    Many customers complained about the black color of the resin handles staining their hands when cleaned by the dishwasher. Moreover, the knives with aluminum handles are not dishwasher-safe, and they tarnish as soon as they are cleaned in the dishwasher.

    Use Bartender’s friend (powder) to get the handle finish back to its original beauty if the handle was messed up by the dishwasher.

  3. Are Rada knives full tang?

    No, Rada knives are not full-tang designed.

  4. Are Rada knives magnetic?

    Yes, the blades are magnetic, but the handles are not.

  5. What is the Rada knife blade angle?

    A Rada’s knife blade angle is 22.5 degrees.

  6. Can Rada knives be sharpened?

    Yes, they can be easily re-sharpened, especially the non-serrated blades, using a Rada cutlery quick edge knife sharpener by a few pulls through the especially edged wheels.

Are Rada knives good?

After exploring together everything about Rada knives in this Rada cutlery review, I can confidently tell you that Rada is definitely a good value for your money; a very sharp blade, a wide variety of knives and gift sets, and on top of all, an affordable price.

So, if you’re at peace with regular maintenance of your knives, and hand-washing them, then Rada is a smart choice to consider.

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